Earthquake Tremors in the Northern Part of India during the first week of November 2023

An earthquake with a local magnitude of 6.4 at a focal depth of 10 km with its epicenter located at 28.84N and 82.19E struck Jajarkot, Karnali province of Western Nepal, on 03-11-2023 at 23:32:54 IST. Subsequently, strong earthquake tremors were felt in the Northern part of India, including the major cities Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR), Patna, Lucknow, and Kanpur. The origin of the earthquake is in the Himalayan region and is seismically active with the Indian tectonic plate subducts the Eurasian Plate. The highest Indian seismic zones of IV and III surrounding this region felt significant shaking. The earthquake caused widespread damage and destruction with a maximum intensity of VI (MMI scale) in the epicentral region; an intensity of II (MMI scale) was reported at a distance of around 500 km from the epicenter. The structural damage, including collapsed buildings and extensively cracked houses, underscores the urgent need for earthquake-resistant construction in future building projects and the retrofitting of existing structures.

The aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake published on some local Newspapers

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Durgesh C Rai
National Information Center of Earthquake Engineering (NICEE)
IIT Kanpur