Earthquake Engineering @ IIT Kanpur

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The activities of earthquake engineering are steered by faculty members who specialise in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering and geophysics. Along with them, their students, both postgraduate and undergraduate, actively participate to gain valuable exposure to real world projects and issues. An important human resource in the earthquake engineering efforts at IIT Kanpur are the young project staff.

Faculty members at this Institute have been very active in the various professional committees in the area of Earthquake Engineering at the national and international levels. They are members of the Indian Society of Earthquake Technology and of prestigious international societies like International Association for Earthquake Engineering, the World Seismic Safety Initiative, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (USA) and the New Zealand National Society for Earthquake Engineering. Also, they are serving as Editor of ISET Journal of Earthquake Technology, Associate Editor of ASCE Journal of Structural Engineering, and members of the technical committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards and Indian Roads Congress.