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North Andaman (Diglipur) Earthquake of 14 September 2002

On 14 September 2002, at 03:58:31 AM a ML 6.0 (IMD) Mw 6.5 (USGS) earthquake struck the Northern Andaman Island region of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands (Union Territory) of India. The epicenter is about 165 km NNE from Port Blair, the administrative head quarters of A&N Islands, in the sea about 24 km SSE of Diglipur, a town with a population of about 30,000. The location of the epicenter is 13.013N 93.147E (USGS), and the focal depth is 33 km. The main shock was followed by many after shocks, the largest of them being M 5.3 on 14 September at 04:44 hours and M5.2 on 15 September at 01:29 hours. In the two days following the main shock, 20 after shocks of M>3 were recorded at IMD Observatory in Port Blair; a list of these is given in Table 1. Aftershock activities were noted even till 24 September 2002.

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