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Major Experimental Research Programmes


Experimental Investigation of Cyclic Behaviour of RC Flexural Members  

(Study sponsored by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Bombay)
    To assess the performance of flexural members with different types of reinforcement detailing under cyclic (earthquake type) loads.  


Phase I:  Four beam-column joint specimens have been tested in the laboratory; these specimen were designed such that the failure occurs in the beam. With displacement-controlled pseudo-static cycles, the post-yield performance has been assessed. Detailing conforming to IS:13920-1993 shows a much improved performance over that as per IS:456-1978.  


Phase II: Three specimens have been studied; these specimens were designed such that failure is concentrated in the joint region. Effectiveness of three alternate joint detailing schemes have been studied. Again, specimen with detailing as per IS:13920-1993 is found to be superior over that as per IS:456-1978.  



Experimental Investigation of Cyclic Behaviour of RC Frames with Brick Infill Walls

(Study sponsored by the All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi)
To assess the contribution of brick infills to the strength, stiffness and ductility capacity of frames:
Eighteen single-storey single-bay 1:2:7 scale model RC frames with different infill configurations have been experimentally studied. Different infill configurations include masonry with regular bricks, masonry with reduced scale bricks, reinforced masonry, masonry with inclined brick courses and masonry with openings. The ocntribution of infills to strength, stiffness, ductility and energy dissipation is quantified.


Strong Ground Motion Instrumentation of the Villages Reconstructed after the 1993 Killari Earthquake  

(Study sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi)

    To obtain the free-field strong ground motion characteristics in the Marathwada area in Central India. Three triaxial accelerographs (manufactured by M/s Geosys Inc., Switzerland) have been deployed in the said area. These units are equipped with digital recorder, internal GPS timer and modem to permit remote-access of the seismic events recorded. The salient specifications of these accelerographs are:  

  • 3 channel 18-bit resolution

  • 10 MB Flash Memory card

  • Builit-in GPS timer and modem interface

  • Flat frequency response in DC-50 Hz range

  • Dynamic range 120 dB

  • Full scale 2g

  • Communication and analysis software

These instruments have recorded seismic ground motions generated by some small earthquake events in that region.  

Steel Project
Precast components

  • Flooring

  • B/C Joints