Earthquake Engineering @ IIT Kanpur

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Central Building Research Institute (CBRI), Roorkee
- Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Memorandum of Understanding

As part of a special sponsored research project funded by CSIR, M.Tech. students of the Structural Engineering stream at this Institute conduct their M.Tech. thesis in an area of mutual interest to the Central Building Research Institute (CBRI) and IIT Kanpur. Over the past four years, three of these theses were in the area of Earthquake Engineering. In each of these theses, seismic qualification of the technologies that were originally developed by CBRI for seismic areas is conducted experimentally. The three projects have been undertaken under this collaboration:

  • Experimental Investigation of the In-plane Cyclic Response of Pre-cast RC Plank and Joist Flooring System   developed by CBRI (1997-1999). The experiments revealed the structural integrity of the flooring system to act as in-plane diaphragm distributing the lateral seismic loads.
  • Experimental Investigation of Joint Detailing schemes for connecting Pre-cast RC Moment Resisting Frame Members (1998-2000). Experiments to compare the effectiveness of precast detailing schemes for seismic applications are being conducted under psuedo-static cyclic load conditions.
  • Experimental Investigation under Cyclic Loading of Brick Masonry House with Pre-cast RC Channel Flooring System developed by CBRI (1999-2001). The experiments studied the performance of prototype specimen of the said masonry building system under cyclic lateral loading.