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In the aftermath of the 2001 Bhuj earthquake, the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and the Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council, New Delhi, launched in early 2002 the IITK-BMTPC Series on Earthquake Tips to disseminate the basic concepts of earthquake resistant constructions through simple language. In all 24 Tips have been released. Each Tip consists of a two-page description of the theme mentioned in its Title. An important feature of these 24 EQ Tips is that they are dominated by simple sketches and photos. Further, to ensure quality of the content, each Tip has been reviewed by a panel of international experts in the subject. These Tips have been published regularly in a number of leading journals, magazines and newspapers (e.g., The Hindu, The Statesman, The New Indian Express, and The Tribune) of the country. The EQ Tips are a property of the IIT Kanpur and BMTPC, New Delhi. It may be reproduced without changing its contents and with due acknowledgement. Suggestions/comments may be sent to:
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EQ Tip 1 What Causes Earthquakes?
EQ Tip 2 How the Ground Shakes?
EQ Tip 3 What are Magnitude and Intensity?
EQ Tip 4 Where are the Seismic Zones in India?
EQ Tip 5 What are the Seismic Effects on Structures?
EQ Tip 6 How Architectural Features Affect Buildings During Earthquakes?
EQ Tip 7 How Buildings Twist During Earthquakes?
EQ Tip 8 What is the Seismic Design Philosophy of Buildings?
EQ Tip 9 How to Make Buildings Ductile for Good Seismic Performance?
EQ Tip 10 How Flexibility of Buildings Affects their Earthquake Response?
EQ Tip 11 What are the Indian Seismic Codes?
EQ Tip 12 How do Brick Masonry behave during Earthquake?
EQ Tip 13 Why should Masonry Buildings have simple Structural Configuration?
EQ Tip 14 Why are horizontal bands necessary in masonry buildings?
EQ Tip 15 Why is vertical reinforcement required in masonry buildings?
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