Introduction to Earthquake Tips:

Inter School Quiz is based on IITK-BMTPC Earthquake Tips  by Dr. CVR Murty. This book contains all 24 Tips has been released and is targeted at persons interested in building construction. The Tips cover topics such as basic introduction to earthquakes and terminology such as magnitude and intensity, concepts of earthquake resistant design, and aspects of a seismic design and construction of buildings. Utmost care is taken to ensure that despite complexity of the concepts, the Tips are simple and unambiguous.

To ensure the highest quality of technical contents, every Tip is carefully reviewed by two or more experts, both within and outside India and their feedback is used before finalizing the Tips.

Soft Copy (PDF) of Earthquake Tips available at:

E-Book version of the Earthquake Tips available at:

Quiz conducted in 2023-24:
    1. Report
Quiz conducted in 2022-23:
    1. Online Quiz
Quiz conducted in 2021-22:
    1. Online Quiz
    2. Presentation by Ms. Riddhi Boola of Kids Club Jaipur, Rajasthan
Quiz conducted in 2020-21:
    The Inter-School Quiz for 2020-21 has been called off in response to unprecedented health scare and related restrictions due to COVID-19.
Quiz conducted in 2019-20:
    1. Report
Quiz conducted in 2018-19:
    1. Report
Quiz conducted in 2017-18:
    1. Report
Quiz conducted in 2016-17:
    1. Report
    2. Hindustan (28/01/2017)
    3. Times of India (28/01/2017)
Quiz conducted in 2015-16:
    1. Report
    2. Hindustan (27/01/2016)
    3. Dainik Jagran (27/01/2016)
Quiz conducted in 2012-13:
    1. Report
    2. Report of  Times of India (29/01/2013)
    3. Dainik Jagran (29/01/2013)
    4. Hindustan (29/01/2013)
    5. Hindustan Times(29/01/2013)
Quiz conducted in 2011-12:
    1.  Report
    2. Report of  Times of India (08/02/2012)
    3. Aaj (08/02/2012)
    4. Hindustan (08/02/2012)
Quiz conducted in 2010-11:

    2.A report in Times of India

   3. Report in Dwarka blog

Quiz conducted in 2009-10:

    1. Report

    2. A report in Times of India

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