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  • The Centre is managed by a National Advisory Committee consisting of representatives from different institutions in the country, industries, and individuals. The committee monitors the activities of the Centre and advises the Centre on policies and guidelines. 
  • The Centre strives to serve the needs of academic institutions, research laboratories, government departments engaged in construction, major industries, consulting firms, construction companies, NGO’s, and other interested organizations and individuals. 
  • The Centre has minimal costs associated with infrastructure development. It provides for nominal but adequate manpower support to enable the Centre to be effective. A large portion of the budget is spent on obtaining and disseminating the literature, and in its other activities. 
  • The publications acquired by the Centre are housed in the main library of IIT Kanpur. This model offers several advantages like 
    • Minimal costs of infrastructure since IIT Kanpur main library infrastructure is being used, 
    • Low manpower requirements, and 
    • Easy maintenance of the acquisitions in the long term. 

The grants to the Centre are operated in the “project mode” of IIT Kanpur with usual checks and balances.

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