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IAEE Guidelines for Earthquake Resistant Non-Engineered Construction (Hindi Translation by NICEE)

NICEE is pleased to release this special in-house publication in Hindi, which was originally available from the International Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE), Tokyo, Japan. This book is made available in the national language so that the local engineers in the Hindi speaking states of the country can immediately enforce the principles described in this book while making earthquake-resistant constructions in their neighbourhood.

Details for on-line viewing:
  IAEE Hindi Manual
        Front Page
        Inside Cover
        Chapter 1 : The Problem, Objective and Scope
        Chapter 2: Structural Performance During Earthqaukes
        Chapter 3: General Concepts of Earthquake Resisting Design
        Chapter 4: Buildings in Fired-Brick and other Masonry Units
        Chapter 5: Stone Buildings
        Chapter 6: Wooden Buildings
        Chapter 7: Earthern Buildings
        Chapter 8: Non Engineered Reinforced Concrete Buildings
        Chapter 9: Repair Restoration and Strengthening of Buildings
        Back Cover