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Selected Reading Material on Earthquake Engineering in India

The profession of earthquake engineering is in its nascent stages in India. A large volume of experience exists in many countries like New Zealand, Japan and USA on continually improving the earthquake resistant constructions through lessons learnt from damaging earthquakes, regularly updating of the seismic design codes, conducting continuing education programs for practicing professionals, improving the curriculum in colleges, and involving professional societies in the mainstream of the profession. The material presented in this section is intended for reading by general audience to broaden the understanding of the reader on the current state-of-the-practice in India and the state-of-the-art elsewhere in the world.

Title Author Year
Historical Developments and Current Status of Earthquake Engineering in India Sudhir K. Jain and Navin C. Nigam 2000
Learning from Earthquakes Sudhir K. Jain November 1998
Indian Earthquakes: An Overview Sudhir K. Jain November 1998
A Report on the Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Construction in Civil Engineering Curriculum C.V.R. Murty, Ravi Sinha and Sudhir K. Jain January 1998
Seismic Response of RC Frame Buildings with Soft First Storeys Jaswant N. Arlekar, Sudhir K. Jain and C.V.R. Murty November 1997
Earthquake Engineering: Problems and Prospects Sudhir K. Jain November 1994
Workshop on Developing Earthquake Engineering Industry in India Oppurtunities and Chalenges C.V.R. Murty, D. C. Rai, Ravi Sinha and Sudhir K. Jain August 1999
Preparing for Earthquakes: Where India Stands C.V.R. Murty May 2000
Earthquake Engineering: Sharing Knowledge and Expertise Dinesh C. Sharma
Article in Hindi - Bhukam Mein Dhanchiye Chhati Ka Neunikaran Dr. Achintya May 2013

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