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EARTHQUAKE PROBLEM: Do's and Don'ts for Protection

A large number of earthquakes are felt all over the globe every year. The small ones are unnoticed while the large ones are felt over thousands of kilometers. The big quakes are not necessarily the most destructive. Earthquakes have damaged and destroyed man's work since time immemorial. Here, we have tried to explain the nature, distribution, causes and effects of this terrifying natural event. We look at the possibilities of minimizing its disastrous consequences.

In this context, the present booklet has been prepared under a project sponsored by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, New Delhi to Department of Earthquake Engineering, University of Roorkee. The objective is to educate children in the region affected by Oct. 20, 1991 earthquake in Uttarkashi so as to create awareness in their minds about the earthquake problem.

This booklet has been prepared by Dr. Brijesh Chandra and Dr. (Mrs) Amita Sinvhal, members of the faculty of Department of Earthquake Engineering, University of Roorkee. Drawings included in the booklet are prepared by Mrs. Ila Gupta.

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