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1995 Hyogoken Nanbu EarthquakeTakashi JimaPublic Works Research Insitute, Tokyo, Japan1995
A Report on Damage to Reinforced Concrete BuildingsMaruzen Company Limited, USA
ACI Papers on Concrete for Radiation Shielding 1950-1962American Concrete Institute, Detroit. MI, USA1962
Anchorage and the Alaska Earthquake of March 27, 1964Glen Virgil Berg and James L. StrattaAmerican Iron and Steel Institute, New York, USA1964
Built to Resist EarthquakeApplied Technology Council, Redwood City, CA, USA1999
Catalogue of Indian Earthquake from Earliest Times to End of 1869ADThomas OldhamUniversity of Roorkee, Roorkee, UA, India
Cento Conference on Earthquake-hazard Minimization Held in Ankata, Turkey July 22-27, 1968Report of the CENTO Conference on EQ Hazard Minimization Selected Conference PapersConference1968
Comparison of Building Seismic Design Practices in the United States and JapanApplied Technology Council, USANational Science Foundation, Washington DC, USA1984
Comparison of Buildings in Earthquake-Resistant BuildingsApplied Technology Council, USANational Science Foundation, Washington DC, USA1984
Computer Application in Concrete Design and TechnologyAmerican Concrete Institute, Detroit. MI, USA1967
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