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Latest News
  • Workshop for Earthquake Resistant Practices for Students of Architecture at IIT Kanpur, during June 11-15, 2024
  • NICEE Remembers the 1999 Chamoli Earthquake on its 25th Anniversary
  • Earthquake Tremors in the Northern Part of India during the first week of November 2023
  • NICEE Remembers the 1993 Latur Earthquake on its 30th Anniversary
  • Prof. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo awarded 2022 S S Bhatnagar Prize for contribution in Structural/Earthquake Engineering
  • Report on Workshop for Earthquake Resistant Practices for Students of Architecture at IIT Kanpur, during July 22-29, 2023
  • Invitation for the 18th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE2024) in Milan, Italy, from 30th June to 5th July 2024  
  • Workshop on Analysis and Design of Seismically Isolated Structures @ IIT Gandhinagar, February 27 - 28, 2023 
  • Seminar on an Online Quiz for School Students on IITK-BMTPC Earthquake Tips - 26 January,2023 @ 11 am  
  • Earthquake-safe Buildings by World Housing Encyclopedia, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute  
  • Information on 2022 Doti Earthquake: Nepal  
  • Online Quiz for School Students on IITK-BMTPC Earthquake Tips for 2022-23 is now open  
  • Papers of World Conference of Earthquake Engineering (WCEE)  new
  • Prof. Sudhir K Jain, Former Coordinator, NICEE and Vice Chancellor, BHU has been named to receive the 2022
          Distinguished Alumni Award by California Instt. of Technology, USA.
  • NICEE Remembers the 1997 Jabalpur Earthquake on its 25th Anniversary
  • Prof. Sudhir Jain awarded Honorary Membership of IAEE
  • NICEE Remembers the 2011 Sikkim Earthquake on its 10th Anniversary
  • Renewal of Subscription of Periodical - Earthquake Engineering Practice  new
  • EERI e- Affiliate Membership  new
  • New NICEE Publication new
  • Current Activities
  • Open House for PG Students/Professionals (Engineers & Architects), November 19-28 2020, IIT Kanpur
  • Inter School Quiz on 'Earthquake Tips'
  • EQ Engg Literature Survey Workshop for Post Graduate Students, IIT Kanpur
  • Workshop for Earthquake Resistant Practices for Students of Architecture, IIT Kanpur
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    New Page The National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering hosted at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is intended to collect and maintain information resources on Earthquake Engineering and make these available to the interested professionals, researchers, academicians and others with a view to mitigate earthquake disasters in India.

    NICEE has undertaken a range of capacity building activities towards earthquake safety such as organising Literature Review/Curriculum Workshops in Earthquake Engineering for Students and Teachers from Engineering Colleges across India
       NICEE helps in publication and wide dissemination of Earthquake Engineering publications. Also, it is equiped with a good collection of study materials and books in earthquake engineering related topics. It helps the resourse material being supplied to in
    NICEE also informs its members the latest news of earthquake engineering through the electronic newsletter.
    NICEE is a voluntary organisation and receives no budget from any source. It operates entirely on the interest income of its endowment, sponsorships, publication sales, and donations from Individuals ( as well as Institutions. Institutional members as on date are:

    Institutional Members

      Platinum Members Gold Members   Silver Members
      iitgn NBCC, New Delhi   PNC Infratech,
      eun VMS Consultants, Mumbai
      iitgn IIT Gandhinagar,
            Balbir Verma And Associates, New Delhi
      csi Computers & Structures Inc, Berkeley, USA          
            more ...




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